Akaiami, Aitutaki
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To the beautiful Aitutaki Island

About Akaiami Paradise

Akaiami Paradise Limited is a small family business in the tourism industry. Our owner/manager is a resident of Aitutaki and is dedicated to ensuring you have the perfect holiday and getaway.

Beautiful Lagoon

Kia orana. You’ve arrived at a magical place, a first-of-its-kind magical creation, inspired by shared family stories. Here you can celebrate the stunning lagoon views, the white sandy beaches, and certainly the food.
Aitutaki lagoon rated as number 1 tourist actitivity in the Cook Islands by PlanetWare, Akaiami Paradise is situated right in the middle of the Aitutaki, Cook Islands.

Friendly service

Akaiami Paradise is a flawless magic and in harmony with the natural world.  Immerse yourself in the Cook Island culture, and embrace a whole new world of possibilities. Talk to friendly locals, learn their customs, maybe even try husking a coconut. There are plenty of activities with Akaiami Paradise.

Relax, time moves slowly here

Bring a few books as you will have lots free time to unwind and read OR take pressure off and go see everything on the island OR eat and drink local produce OR just simple swim in the lagoon OR have a conversation with the island folks AND have FUN.

Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s our reviews.

Where are we

Located on the small Islet (motu) of Akaiami in the beautiful Aitutaki Lagoon is Akaiami Paradise. The island is situated between all the other islets and perfect spot for fishing, snorkeling, bird watching and many more.


Mama Ruru/Papa Pare

Mama Ruru and Papa Pare have been in tourism industry for over 40 years. They own Akaiami Paradise and have been its care taker since its founding days.

In their spare time you will find Papa Pare playing with his grandchildren and Mama Ruru tending their vegetable and flower gardens.

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