Akaiami, Aitutaki
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Our reviews

It is a great pleasure to write this review about Akaiami Paradise Lodge.A lodge is situared on banana shaped island Akaiami 15 minutes boat ride from Aitutaki.The island is very beautiful,postcard picturesque.

We would like to thank Pa, Mamaru and Dorn for making our dream wedding come true at Akaiami Paradise. Married under the palm tree arch made by Dorn and petfectly decorated by Mamaru while the sun shone couldn’t have been any more idyllic for us.

Akaiami Paradise is, in our opinion, not just the most beautiful, but also the most exclusive place to stay in Aitutaki. Located on a remote motu in the lagoon, Akaiami is the site where the coral route flights had a short stopover in the 1950s.

After our 4-day stay at Akaiami Paradise, my heart ached at the thought of leaving. I wish we could have skipped the Pacific Resort in Raro and spend another week at Akaiami instead. If you’re the Four Seasons type who travel to wallow in luxury, then this place is not for you. But if you detest group tours