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The Rock Stuntman visited Akaiami Paradise

This year’s Akaiami Paradise is in full swing and busier than ever. Customers have been lining up to experience the Cook Islands (Aitutaki) culture and experience the beautiful lagoon of Aitutaki.

Last week we were honored to have Dwayne Johnsons stuntman Tanoai Reed (samoanstuntman) visit us and explore Akaiami Paradise.


Both Tanoai and Dwayne represent pacific islands and proud to be called Samoans in the world of acting. They are very close to each other that Dwayne the Rock even bought Tanoai a brand new car. View video here.

Tanoai was born in Hawaii, and have been stunt double for many movies and his latest movies were:

Tanoai visited Akaiami Paradise for their honey moonversary and mentioned that he had the best experience as he was well looked after by his family, Papa Pare and Mama Ruru the care takers and owners of Akaiami Paradise. His words were this is really heaven.

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